Friday, 25 May 2012

Cute baby gifts..

Am I the only person seeming to be going through the phase where all your friends/family are having babies?! Looking for the perfect baby gift this year?! I found these at a local little art and gift shop and I think they are awesome!! How about a Quine (means Girl in Doric; the language of NE scotland) / Loon (means boy) baby bibs.. They also come in children's tees too.
The bibs cost £8 and the shirts are £14 and they all come in a range of colours.
All the bibs and clothes are made in Africa and are 100% African cotton that is responsibly produced.

I got mine from Junction Arts at 282 Holburn Street Aberdeen the website is but I don't think they have an ordering system on their yet. 
I think they are soo cute and totally unique from all the normal baby presents, what do you think?!

Have a fun weekend! Xx

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