Sunday, 6 May 2012

Suro Incubator..

I have the R-com King Suro 20 Incubator... so far I LOVE it.
Photo: My own. This is the Suro King 20.
The water bottle is for the humidity, don't use tap water!
I ordered my incubator from P&Tpoultry and it was on sale when I bought it but at the moment it's £179.99. It can hold 24 chicken eggs, 20 duck eggs and 60 quail eggs but you can also hatched geese, pheasants, peacocks and turkeys (check out ebay for eggs the possibilities are endless).
It has easy to follow instructions on how to set it up all you need is a screwdriver. The incubator sits on a cradle which rocks the eggs slowly (so the chick doesn't get stuck to the egg). The incubator is all automatic you set the temperature and the humidity when starting and then you just have to remember to change it on the last few days when not turning (which allows the chicks to find the right way up to hatch). The Suro also has an alarm if the temperature or humidity drop too low (it's handy if you don't place the lid on properly!)

Photo: My Own
This is the 'face' where you control the temp and humidity
The R-com King Suro 20 is perfect if you are working during the day and don't have the time to turn the eggs 3 times a day minimum, I realise £179.99 is expensive but a day old chick is about £5-£8 depending if its autosexed and I realised if I hatched 35 chicks it is about the same price but you get the joy of watching it while it happens.. it really is the best feeling! I have incubated twice now normally with a 80% success rate but I think that is because of the eggs. This time I had 2 quail with leg problems but that was my fault as I had chicken eggs in at the same time (Please don't do it!!) A little bandage therapy on curled toes and it seems to be okay.

Species              oC temp                               Humidity                    To Pipping              Hatching
                   Turning   Non Turning    Turning      Non Turning    Turning Days        Non Turning Days

Chickens          37.5          37                     45                     65                  0-19                     19-21
Quail(Corurnix)  37.5         37                     40                     65                  0-15                     15-18
Guinea Fowl     37.5          37                     45                     65                  0-25                     25-28
Turkey             37.5          37                     45                     65                  0-25                     25-28
Ducks              37.5          37                     45                     65                  0-25                     25-28
    Muscovy      37.5          37                     45                     65                  0-31                     31-34
Peafowl            37.5          37                     45                     65                  0-25                     25-28
Partridge          37.5          37                     42                     65                  0-20                      20-23
Game Pheasant37.5          37                     45                     65                  0-21                      21-24

Happy Hatching!!
Photo: My Own, These are eggs in my incubator,
 I have 11 Araucana (left 2 rows), 2 Sussex and 2 Marans (brown eggs) in atm.   

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